Workshop: Aerial Interaction and Manipulation: Unsolved Challenges and Perspectives

Organizers: Markus Ryll, Guillermo Heredia, Mina Kamel, Juan Nieto


Aerial manipulation combines many robotic disciplines like perception, state estimation, planning, manipulation and multi-robot collaboration. Novel results in one discipline often allowed for great groundbreaking contributions in aerial robotics. These contributions have generated visibility far beyond the field of aerial robotics and found entrance in many industrial applications. Yet we are still far away from having single or even fleets of autonomous aerial robots capable of performing fully autonomously and cooperatively, active interaction and manipulation tasks. What is missing to allow further achievements and greater autonomy? Aerial manipulation is challenging due to the decreased perception capabilities, a difficult interplay between the floating base and active manipulators, challenging aerodynamic effects and a limited computational power on board of the aerial system, all demanding for novel solutions to problems unsolved by classical approaches. The goal of the workshop is bringing together researchers from the three fields to push the boundaries of aerial robotics:

  • Aerial Robotics and Control
  • Grasping and Object Manipulation
  • Machine Learning for Robotics
By bringing these fields closer together we will shed light on potentials and limits of classical approaches in perception, control and manipulation and where to benefit from machine learning based techniques. The invited speakers and members of the panel are world experts in aerial robotics, machine learning or robotic manipulation. The workshop is complemented by contributed research papers that will be presented with lightning talks and in a poster session and by a presentation of current state of the art hardware for aerial robotics and aerial robotics applicable deep learning hardware.